I write a lot about what’s happening inside me– my brain, my heart, my spirit. But if you don’t know me personally, you might be missing some of the more fun, lighthearted pieces of my personality and personhood. So here are fifty of those pieces you may or may not care to know.


  1. I swam for the first eleven years of my life, ever since my mom took me to those baby swimming lessons where you basically just blow bubbles and splash.
  2. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen the animated film Alice in Wonderland; I’m fairly certain I know every line. It is so special to me.
  3. My favorite food is dessert. Especially brownies, cookies, and butterscotch pudding.
  4. I have one younger brother, born the day before my third birthday.
  5. Spider-Man is my favorite superhero, as well as one of my favorite characters in fiction.
  6. I grew up in a small lakeside town in Oregon, at the foot of the mountains I will forever have a deep affection for.
  7. I went to college/university for two years, studying theology.
  8. I love all animals, especially cats and whales at the moment.
  9. I’ve had a life-long obsession with dinosaurs, and believe in the Loch Ness monster because I think she’s a surviving plesiosaur.
  10. I was in karate for 12 years and am a certified black belt in Shotokan (please don’t tell anyone though I am so done with doing demonstrations).
  11. My mom is the youngest of eight kids, so my extended family is huge and I have what seems like an infinite number of cousins.
  12. I would absolutely love to live in a big city someday. Not forever, unless I fall in love with it, but I want to experience that world.
  13. My grandparents were certified Bob Ross oil painting instructors and taught classes on weekends when I was little. Many of their paintings hang in my home.
  14. My first concert was Relient K and Switchfoot on the “Appetite for Construction” tour in 2007.
  15. Pinterest is my happy place on the internet; I use it as a vision board/dream space.
  16. I am terrified of snakes. Like, if I saw a hungry crocodile in the distance I would be less scared than if I saw a snake.
  17. My favorite movie is The Iron Giant. I think it’s a masterpiece and has so much to teach us about how to be good humans.
  18. Watercolor is my favorite medium, but I love experimenting with anything. I run an Etsy shop where I sell some of my work!
  19. I was allowed to choose my own clothes from the moment I had the thought to, and though I went wild with patterns and colors (I mean I still do but I’m a bit better), I’ve always loved that parenting move on my mom’s part.
  20. Tobey Maguire was my first celebrity crush, and I have been personally invested in the lives of everyone who’s been cast as Spider-Man since.
  21. I took piano lessons in grade school but am connecting so much better with self-teaching as an adult.
  22. My favorite work of fiction is Les Misérables. It has shaped and brought voice to many of my deepest-held values.
  23. I currently have two pets: a cat named Dusty and a hamster named Jonas.
  24. I was entirely homeschooled, from preschool to high school graduation. I made my own diploma in MS Paint.
  25. I love elements of every genre of music, but my favorites are acoustic/folksy/singer-songwriter and rap/hip hop.
  26. The first thing I ever wanted to be was an artist, and that has only expanded since.
  27. The only time I’ve had alcohol was the communion wine at a mass service, and it was a surprise to me. On my 21st birthday I had a glass of chocolate milk.
  28. I am an INFP (with a lot of J) and am super interested in MBTI, as well as brain science and psychology in general.
  29. I grew up loving my brother’s favorite cartoons– Transformers, TMNT, Static Shock, Ben 10: Alien Force, etc.– much more than cartoons geared toward girls.
  30. I grew up with one parent in church and one outside of church. It taught me to seek middle ground and think empathetically.
  31. Eventually I would like to work up to being a vegetarian.
  32. My favorite Disney princess is Pocahontas (and if you don’t think she counts, fight me).
  33. I have general anxiety disorder, but am high-functioning and have a lot of helpful tools in my belt.
  34. My first real job was at an industrial supply company, where I landscaped, cleaned, took inventory, washed trucks, and did office work.
  35. I love Marie from The Aristocats an unreasonable amount and I’m not quite sure why.
  36. I didn’t get my drivers license until I was nineteen and didn’t regularly drive until I was twenty.
  37. I write a poem every day, to keep creatively awake and to process what’s in my brain.
  38. I watched HGTV all the time as a child and aspired to be as talented of a designer as David Bromstad.
  39. I was an extra in a short film one of my friends directed.
  40. I’m never getting a tattoo because I’m a baby, but if I did it would be a blue bird on the top of my hand. Blue birds are special and symbolic to me.
  41. I’ve loved writing from the time I knew how, but aside from a few poetry contest wins I didn’t share my writing publically until I started this blog when I was sixteen.
  42. I once posed as a reference model for my best friend studying fine art (she is insanely gifted, by the way).
  43. I kill plants no matter how carefully I try to take care of them. Cacti, succulents, air plants, spider plants– killed them all. I’ve given up at this point.
  44. I’ve accompanied friends to events as their date, but I’ve yet to go on a “we-like-each-other-let’s-go-out” date.
  45. I still regularly use the digital camera I saved up for when I was fourteen.
  46. My best friend and I have been pen pals for over twelve years.
  47. Any time it’s possible for me to be barefoot, I will be.
  48. I am willing to travel anywhere and would like to visit as many places as possible, but France is the ultimate wish.
  49. My favorite past era is the 1970s and half the time I feel like that’s where I’m from. Buuuut I love the internet too much.
  50. Fantasy and fairy tales are so important to me and fuel much of my creative work; I think they have shaped more of me than I realize.

Any thoughts?

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