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Soul Food {May 2016}

sf may 2016

This year is moving by so fast! The events themselves seem to be slowly pulling along, but January feels so near and recent. Life is good even though it’s wild. Here are some of the things I took with me on the ride this month.


  • Social Club Misfits. Fun yet truthful rap; listened to them pretty consistently this month. “Marriage Goals” and “The Misfit Generation” are my two favorites from their new ep.
  • “Fragile” by Jillian Edwards. Such a calm, sweet ballad that I want to wrap myself with and just rest in.
  • “Oh Sing Sweet Nightingale” from the Cinderella soundtrack. The nostalgia in this is a comfort, but even more than that, the beautiful, sweeping tune carries me away to a dreamy place.
  • “Grows Old” by Thirdstory. This made me gasp. The haunting, 50’s-inspired vibe paired with their incredible harmonies– gorgeous. Absolutely stunning.
  • “Poison & Wine”, “To Whom It May Concern”, “I’ve Got This Friend”“C’est La Mort” and “Disarm” by The Civil Wars. I know everyone already listens to them, but I just now got around to it, and wow… their homey, sentimental, poetic music is absolutely lovely. Obsessed. “I missed you, but I haven’t met you, oh but I want to…”
  • “What Do You Mean?” by Justin Bieber, the Arman Cekin remix. I know I recommend a version of this song like every month, but I just keep happening upon good ones, man!
  • “Can’t Sleep Love” by Pentatonix, the Danny L Harle remix. So much fun to dance to oh my goodness!
  • “Goodbye” by Alyssa Baker. Somehow this song brings me back to growing up, and the kind of music and “I wonder if” feelings I was surrounded by when I was younger.
  • “Still Your Girl” by Fleurie. I aspire to make music as beautiful and dynamic as this.
  • “Waiting For My Time To Come” by Colony House. My boys always feel me.
  • NF’s “Therapy Session” album. First: I cannot think of a cooler name for an album. Second: wow he is real. The sincerity and passion had me sold three songs in. I also love the unique orchestral hints; he made it compliment rap very well. “How Could You Leave Us”“Breathe” and “All I Do” are my favorites, I think.
  • Authentic Fiction. The music-making persona of the one of a kind artist Jordan Watts, whom we lost three years ago. I found out that his loved ones released an album of his music (both finished tracks and raw takes) to honor him; it is such a gift. To still be able to hear his voice… I can’t put a price on it. He created such beautiful things. Listening to him gives me the best kind of heaviness in my chest. Find the album on iTunes and on Spotify. We love you so much, Jordan.

If you want all of this music in one convenient playlist, I gotchu! It has all my recommendations from 2016 so far, so the most recent are near the bottom.


  • Ant-Man. I didn’t really have expectations for it, but I ended up enjoying my experience with it so much! Interesting story, witty and charming characters, lines that genuinely made me laugh, and cool action that wasn’t gross. I will definitely be watching it again! [There is some language in it.]
  • Spiderman 2. The Tobey Maguire versions are cringey to me now, but I still can’t help loving them. Spiderman is my favorite, forever and ever. Also Mary Jane is just the worst, wake up, Peter.
  • My Neighbor Totoro. The artwork is beautiful. The characters have such a contagious joy for life and all the little things in it, and their story is just a fun, heartfelt, wondrous journey to step into. My brother has been recommending it to me forever and I finally listened; he, as usual, was right.
  • This video that Switchfoot and Relient K made to announce their upcoming tour. Absolute gold.
  • The music video for “Up&Up” by Coldplay. I recommended the song last month, but the video came out this month and it’s too incredible to not bring up. It is a piece of art.
  • The Mentalist. I don’t really watch TV, but you’ll catch me watching reruns of The Mentalist every week. Each character is absolutely wonderful, and it’s the least gruesome crime investigation show I’ve seen. Win.
  • This vine. Oh my word this vine.
  • This video of Jake Gyllenhaal and Jimmy Fallon spitting food at each other. I know: gross. But I was in genuine pain from laughing at this. The pie! THE PIE!
  • Sinbad: Legend of The Seven Seas. Nostalgic and mythology-filled.
  • Good Mythical Crew. Getting to see the behind the scenes shenanigans of the hilarious crew of a bizarre but great web show? My Saturday morning happiness.
  • Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? It’s always been one of my favorites (again, you can see how much TV I watch); just a cozy thing to nestle in and watch when I want to.
  • The Merrell twins being adorable and riding around in the car. They are the cutest people on the planet and I’d love to be friends with them!


  • “Jesus’ Flipping Tables Isn’t an Excuse for Your Online Rants” by Jesse Carey. The title pretty much says it all, but read the article anyway. People using this excuse for their anger in any context has always bothered me. God is God and we are not.
  • “I Went to a Strip Club” by Anna McCarthy. Love is for every single human on this earth, and we get to give it to them. I love this so much.
  • This article reporting on the science behind gratitude– how it literally rewires your brain. If you know me even a little bit, you know I am a huge advocate for gratitude as a lifestyle. I love seeing biology echo what Scripture and my own experience already prove to be true.
  • “Don’t Always Follow Your Conscience” by Andy Naselli. This was just interesting food for thought, the idea that sometimes our consciences have been trained in ways Scripture hasn’t told them to be. I’m still ruminating over it.
  • “Did God Give Me Cancer?” by Zack Hunt. This piece is beautiful. All could benefit from reading it, and from knowing who our God is and isn’t.
  • “What Happened When I Stopped Feeling Gulity for Wanting to Get Married” on Dear Wild Heart. Her church upbringing and experience mirror mine so much, and the more people I talk to the more I hear the chorus of “me, too” ringing out. This was a soft hug of encouragement and a kind reminder.
  • “Let The World Change You: A Commencement Address Do-Over” by Rachel Held Evans. Wow I relate to this. “I thought the world needed my answers, but as it turns out, I needed the world’s questions.”
  • “I Tried to Follow 8 Different High School Dress Codes & It Was Frustrating” by Kristin Chirico. I must admit: I go into big time mama bear mode when it comes to how people treat teenage girls. This article/experiment is such an interesting and important perspective to keep in mind when we consider our young women, and what we’re teaching them about who are they and their place in the world. She makes so many solid points.
  • I’m a failure of a bookworm, as my Goodreads reading challenge tells me every time I log on. But you can still follow me there if you want to see that I do in fact read books and have thoughts on them, even if I’m slow at it. Maybe this summer will be the turning point.

I’m taking part in the “What I’m Into” linkup over at Leigh Kramer’s blog. If you like round-up posts like this you can go there and find others!


Any thoughts?

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