Life as a Wind Rider

How I Rode The Wind in 2015 {Part 2}

I started writing lists of dreams I was going to look forward to seeing become reality when I realized life on earth is already kingdom life, and worth living. The Lord allowed me to live out 56 of those things in 2015 alone. I started laughing when I counted. He is so kind, so full of grace. I shared the first half of those lived dreams last week; I’m excited to share the second half today.

Watching movies with dear friends.

From emotional bursts with Sierra because of The Amazing Spiderman 2; to filling an apartment with college friends to watch Finding Neverland; to giggling at How to Train Your Dragon with Meigan, her brother, and his friends; to experiencing Treasure Planet with Karli as we waited for cookies to bake– I had solid movie experiences with my people.

Painting pottery.shakers yay!

I went with Amy and Meigan over the summer. We made lovely pieces, and got to have yogurt with Kayla afterwards. Win all around.

Getting letters from people I love.

My friend, Katie, lives in another state now. Her letters are such bright spots in my days.

Having painting parties.i was home

Sierra and I are pros at painting parties. I love having them with her, and the conversations we have during them.

Playing Loaded Questions.

Such a fun game! I played it with some of my best friends close to my birthday and it was a blast. The week afterwards, I played it with my brother and his friends, and it was equal parts hilarious and horrifying. Oh, man. Those boys… yikes. I just played it on New Years Eve with some wild people, too, which was a wonderful time (I accidentally confessed my celebrity crush to everyone, but eh).

Making more quote signs.Chesterson

I joke that even when I make visual art, I still have to say something; I nearly always end up adding words to my paintings (although I’m working on being a little more ambiguous; who doesn’t love discovering meaning in art for themselves?). Now, since I try to make art as often as I can, I end up painting straight up quotes all the time. It’s a deep breath for me.

Seeing friendships grow deeper.

This has to be one of my favorite things about life. Connecting with the souls of people is one of the biggest parts of kingdom life and it is true life.

Visiting the coast again.glitter tattoos

I visited the beach with Meigan and Candy, and we had a lovely, comfortable day together. We even got matching glitter tattoos (I’m pretty cool, in case you didn’t know), and they surprisingly lasted two weeks. [Photo from Meigan]

Eating an orange creamsicle.

My mom reads my “looking forward to” lists, and she got a box of orange creamsicles because she saw it on one. Do you guys love my mom yet? She’s the best, right? Shout out of shout outs to you, mom.

Driving in tree-filled areas during the fall.

The feeling of leaves jumping down to meet me as I drive is exhilarating and a simple, pure joy.

Hugging people I love.

Hugs are the best. They’re just the best.

Watching more episodes of great web series.

Season two of Green Gables Fables is underway! Oh, Gilbert… precious, precious Gilbert…

Re-reading old cards from friends and remembering how extravagantly blessed I am to have the people who wrote from my box

I keep a box of cards, letters, tickets, and little memory-laced papers to look through every once in a while. It makes me smile. I smile even more when I realize a lot people don’t write cards anymore, and my friends still do it for me.

Talking to my counselor-friend again.

I’m in counseling again as of last week, and I’m so excited about it. I had to fight some stigma that existed inside myself, but now I’m shamelessly pumped to dive into some soul-healing. You don’t have to be desperate to ask for help every once in a while; I hope you know that.

Finally beating Spyro: Year of The Dragon, 117%.

This was the video game of my childhood, and I’ve beaten it many times, but I would always ask my brother to complete the most difficult levels for me. I played through it again last month and completed it, including the bonus world, on my own. Finally. Adulthood unlocked.

Spray painting objects to make them look modern and trendy.DSC02830

Okay… I attempted this, but I’m going to have to try again. Because it’s been over a month and my chrome Loch Ness monster is still sticky. It lives under my easel on a sheet of newspaper; I took this photo like an hour ago.

Watching people I love perform.

I got to attend a dance performance featuring multiple beautiful, talented friends of mine. And yes, I cried.

Watching sunrises and sunsets.sunset Collage 2015

I ended up watching the sunset almost every night in September this year. I don’t know what it was; I just felt His love in them. sunrise

I didn’t plan on watching a sunrise, but I ended up meeting Meigan and Ashleigh for breakfast so early in the morning that I got to see it anyway. Glory.

Making and wearing meaningful jewelry.

Every item of jewelry I wear means something to me– a friend gave it to me, my grandma made it, it reminds me of a story that matters to me, I got it while traveling, the list goes on. I love wearing stories. Wearing an Eiffel tower necklace after the tragedy in Paris was a big one.

Having more music talks with my dad.

My dad loves exploring the internet to find his favorite music from the past. I love hearing him get excited about it, even if it means sitting through a solid thirty minutes of 70s hits. I can’t hate on The Mamas & The Papas.

Smelling roses and other wonderful smells.peachy bloom

I love things that smell fresh and sweet and nostalgic. I’ve heard that smell can trigger memories more quickly than any other sensation we have; I think I believe that.

Owning the new Chris August album.

My mom surprised me with it! It is so lovely. I recommend him highly. I’ve been listening to him from the beginning and he has not disappointed me; the sweetness and honestly remain.

Attending the weddings of dear friends.weddings 2015

I got to do this three times this year! Holly and Jadon, Amy and Jaron, and Kayla and Bradley all had weddings that were unique to them and that filled the atmosphere with the purest love; I felt the Lord there with each couple. Weddings are so special. They make kingdom life feel even nearer.

No longer having to clean a fish bowl.

I feel like I shouldn’t be celebrating that fact that my goldfish died. But I’m certainly not complaining.

Giving my art to more people. | Making notebooks and greeting cards for friends.collage notebooks

I got to do this many times this year. When I put out a random note saying, “Hey, I’ll make you a collage notebook if you want” a little before school began, I didn’t expect so many people to want them, but it was such a delight to make something inspired by each of those individuals. I think that’s my favorite part of giving art to people– it’s something we’ve shared, having to do with both of our cores.

Giving my textbooks away.

I don’t know what makes me so excited to give away my textbooks, but I love it. I got to deliver a few this year.

Going on a book picnic with my with Ariel

So special. We didn’t read because we just wanted to talk, although we did go to a bookstore and nerd out about psychology afterwards. I love her so much.

Find the lists these items came from here and here. And here’s to all the dreams we’ll live in the years to come.


Any thoughts?

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