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A Prayer Against The Spirit of Fear

DSC02494Father, the spirit of fear is filling so many. You have not given it to us, it is not from you. You have given us power. I pray that we use this power, that we reflect you– who you are, how you love, the heart you have for your children.

We are family, Lord. Your heart for each of us is the same and is love. We forget this so often, Father. We forget that those suffering in ways completely unimaginable to us are your deepest loves, just as we are. We forget that you show no partiality. We are fearful of people just like us. Something must be done, Father. You want your family back. You fight for your children.

We have forgotten that people don’t fight other people, they fight the powers of the dark. Some are losing, giving themselves over to the darkness and allowing it to rule them. They– we— forget that you, our Father, are the king. This is your land. This is the land you have given to your family. I am so sorry that we have given it away.

Father, we want you here. We need you here. The darkness is so thick. Remember when Phillip asked why we could see you while the rest of the world couldn’t? You said that our love for you beckons you, and you come and make your home with us. Lord, make your word come to pass. Let our homes be filled up with you, and may we be beacons light, piercing and shattering the darkness. One light fights the darkness. And there are so many of us. So many who could be homes filled with light.  Express your love through us, Father. You are king. This is your rightful kingdom and you want it back. Your kingdom is not land, it is the people in it. Your kingdom is family. And, Lord, I pray that we would all live in the heart of family right now, that we would see another person and see you, because they are your child, our brother or sister. The kingdom is a family. Restore our family, God.

The spirit of fear is doing heavy work in the world, even in your family. The air around me has felt suffocating, and my insecurities, ones I haven’t even experienced before, have been screaming at me. I knew something was different here. But this week, the spirit of fear is taking ground all over the world. Father, I reclaim this land in your name! This is our home, our family’s kingdom, and fear is not welcome! We need you here, Father. We need love to destroy the fear. You are love. You are light in the dark. Please break down our stubborn, walled up hearts, and enter us. Make your home with us and reclaim the land. Restore your kingdom. Bring the family together in unity and strength. Lead us in combating fear with love.

Lord, your children are afraid. We need your peace. We need to remember that fear is what separated us from you in the beginning: fear that love wasn’t enough. We need your spirit to teach us what we’re missing, to give us strength to continue living in love. You say our love is shown in our obedience to your word. Please plant your word in us so deep that it is part of our skin and bones, that we cannot help but walk in love according to your word. We need you so desperately, Lord.

I pray for wisdom for our leaders. I pray for grace in hearts scattered all throughout the world. Every continent, every country, every city, every street, send your spirit– you, who are love– and chase out the spirit of fear. It has no place in our home.  Make your home in us, Lord. We seek you and we plead to see you. We love you so much, Father. Lead us to prove it.

Thank you for the cross, Father. You have proven that you do not leave your children alone to fight for themselves. You are a savior. You have already restored us. Now we must accept it.  We must open our doors to you in order to have you make your home with us. Open our eyes and hearts to you, you who never leaves a good work unfinished. You are the beginning and the end, the author and the finisher.  You are the completion. We trust you. And fear has no place here. Just your love. You have shown us the greatest love. Lead us to be your imitators. Because you are our Father, we are your children, and we need what you have. What you freely give. Thank you. Thank you for being love.

“My peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”  -John 14:27

“We’re incredibly sad, but we’re not afraid.”  -Bob Goff


Any thoughts?

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