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Life-Moving Messages {Part Three}

519 pro 4Over the course of the year, I’ve heard a few sets of messages that moved me deep in my core and spurred large-scale change in my heart and life. All were shared at my school, during the two-day conferences we had each semester. We would cancel all classes for those two days to invest in our spiritual growth, and it helped me not only stay sane during the school year, but transform my life indefinitely. I would definitely like to share my notes from those messages with you. They won’t be as well-organized or cohesive as the messages themselves, as they’re simply the things I wrote down as I listened and processed, but there are some incredible truths within these. I hope you hear something from them that you needed.

This set was shared by Pastor Steve Savelich at our winter/spring semester conference. His emphasis was lifestyle love and relationship with Jesus.

Message One

  • Believing and living are the same thing to Jesus. If you’re not living it, you don’t believe it.
  • Repent = accept transformation in your thinking; based on the nearness of His kingdom. Jesus thinks differently than we do.
  • Jesus did not simply come to die. He came to bring transformation. To demonstrate His love.
  • If the context is off, the meaning is off. And with God, love is the context.
  • You were not called to good performance.
  • He is not tolerating you, He wants you.
  • The only way unconditional love can be expressed is when conditions arise.
  • In view of God’s mercy“– start with love (the context), lead with mercy (the lens), then deal with the facts.
  • If you lead with sacrifice instead of mercy, you become bitter.

Message Two

  • John 3:11-12
  • About 90% of what Jesus said was about earth.
  • “Don’t worry, follow, and I will add it, “Jesus says.
  • In the presence of Jesus, everything lives.
  • John 4
  • Five essential questions: [continued in Message Four]
    • 1) Who are we?
      • Not an institution, organization, or religion– a family.
      • There is no father but our Father.
      • Never start with qualification; start with brother and sister.
      • Love your brother, love your neighbor, love your enemies. Love.
    • 2) What is the gospel?
      • A person. Jesus is the gospel. You weren’t saved by a plan, you were saved by a person.
      • The scriptures aren’t meant to reveal a plan, but to reveal Jesus.
      • Jesus never asked, “Do you want to go to heaven?”
      • John 5:19
      • Jesus is home. He makes heaven, heaven.

Message Three

  • Once you give everything, it doesn’t cost anymore.
  • The kingdom is not religious. Religion is what got Jesus in trouble.
  • Luke 6:26-31
  • We don’t live like God is merciful.
  • Religion wants you to perform; Jesus wants you to stay near.
  • The world wants you to do something in order to be someone. Not so with Jesus.
  • “You will be with me in paradise.” His presence is first; paradise comes with.
  • If you’re trying to get somewhere, you can get lost. But if you simply walk with Him, you can’t miss it.
  • Only one way to the Father– Jesus. And there are 7.2 billion ways to Jesus, because there are 7.2 billion of us.
  • He isn’t waiting for you to do something, He’s inviting you to join in His work.
  • The gospel is not information– it’s a person.

Message Four

  • The goal of all we do– to be conformed to the image of Jesus.
  • You know if you know someone.
  • Terror and amazement are the extremes someone who is close to Him lives in. Terror makes way for amazement.
  • John 6:6
  • You’re not helping God– you’re cooperating.
  • Look out/pray for non-emergency miracles.
  • If the Father isn’t doing it, Jesus doesn’t do it.
  • [Five essential questions, continued from Message Two]
    • 3) What is the purpose of a follower of Jesus?
      • Not evangelism, not good works– love, of God and of neighbor.
    • 4) What is the work to which we were called?
    • 5) Who is the most important person for me to reach?
      • Always me. The 2×4 in my own eye.
      • “I am the judge, and I don’t judge.”
      • Scripture alone won’t transform your mind. No one knew scripture better than the Pharisees.
      • Caterpillars become butterflies by being caterpillars.
      • No self-help; transformation. Jesus doesn’t want me to ask Him for self-help, He wants me to ask for help.
      • Romans 8:26-27
      • Bring light in and darkness leaves; you can’t just make darkness leave.

Any thoughts?

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