Soul Food

Soul Food {August 2015}

It’s time for the monthly peek at the media I’ve consumed and pondered over! I was kind of particular and deeply sentimental in August, and I’m seeing that leaked into my media habits, too. This month I’m also taking part in the “What I’m Into” link-up over at Leigh Kramer’s blog. Let’s get into it!


  • “American Beauty” by Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors. I discovered Drew Holcomb this month and very much enjoy what he makes. His sound is comforting and homey. “A gorgeous vagabond, she was sweet but she was strong…”
  • Everything by Andy Mineo, especially “Uncomfortable.” Rap has a way of moving me, but it’s hard to find rap I’m okay with listening to. Every time I listen to this song… I can feel the tears behind my eyes. The sound is crafted to carry the lyrics in the best possible way, and wow the lyrics hit hard. I am such a fan of his; he uses his voice, for things that matter, and not everyone can say that.
  • Chris August’s “The Maker” album. My mom surprised me with it, and it’s wonderful. Get it and support him! His heart and his voice are both kind, and the story behind the album is heart-moving. I’ve been a fan of his from the beginning.
  • Everything by Jillian Edwards. I’ve listened to her Audiotree session over and over. It’s like a hug from a dear friend. I aspire to create like she does someday. “Ten thousand miles from the place I was born, but with you I have found where I have come from, and the places that I’m gonna go– it’s in your eyes…”
  • “Paris” by Ben Rector. I adore me some Ben Rector, and his new single/video is precious. His album just came out, too!
  • “The Night We Met” by Lord Huron. Sometimes they create something simply enchanting, and I fly and get lost when I hear it. This is one of those. It also let me be sentimental when I needed to be. [I don’t recommend everything by Lord Huron, and this song has one little profanity in it.]
  • Tyler Ward and Two Worlds’ acoustic cover of “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).” I’m aware it’s dumb, but I’ve listened to this more times than I can count. I just can’t believe the way they transformed this song into something I like the sound of.
  • “Slow Dancin'” by Two Worlds. It just makes me happy. I’m listening right now, and I’m dancing and laughing to myself.
  • “Harder to Lie” by David Ramirez. I enjoy the edgy yet homey way he expresses his heart and his thoughts here. It’s honest.

Movies/TV/YouTubeswan lake

  • “We Bare Bears.” Who knew a random little cartoon about a few bears who live together would be so funny and cute? I could watch it for hours and just giggle.
  • The new Rollin with Olan episode. These guys crack me up so much, and they always seem to post a new one when I’m having a terrible day.
  • “The Mentalist.” I can’t normally watch crime shows because I’m so sensitive, but I’ve found that this one isn’t too graphic; It’s mostly based on puzzle-solving and clever plot twists. I’ve enjoyed watching it so far!
  • Barbie in The Nutcracker and Swan Lake. Go ahead and tease me, but I have such affection for these movies. I grew up watching them, and the wonder is still there for me. I think they’re lovely.
  • Skrillex, Diplo, and Justin Bieber talking about “Where Are U Now.” I found this so interesting, to see how these diverse artists came together to create something, and to hear their thoughts about music and sound in general. [I also have a weird big sister affection for Justin Bieber that makes no sense because I have zero exposure to him. But that’s fine.]
  • This vine by Cody Johns. I watched it for a few straight minutes and just kept laughing. I’m a child.

Books/Articles/Blogscurrently reading

I’d love to hear what you consumed this month, and if you have thoughts on any of these things!


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