Soul Food

Soul Food {July 2015}

Want a look at the media I consumed this month? Here you go!


  • “I Don’t Know” and “Shut Up and Dance (Cover)” by Jon D. I like the calm feel of his sound. His original is a beautiful peek at the hard days, and the cover isn’t my normal listening but something that just really makes me smile; it just has sweetness in it.
  • “At the Cross” by Chris Tomlin. This feels like classic Chris Tomlin to me, and I like it a whole lot. It leads me into a good place, a restful one.
  • Everything by The Gray Havens. I’m in love with their self-described “narrative-pop-folk-esque” style, and they are lyrically so rich; I love a poetic vocabulary. Some of my favorites of theirs are “Inheritance” “Songs in The Night” “Jack and Jill, Pt.2” “Where It Goes” and “Music From a Garden.” Check them out on iTunes! [Also they’re in the photo above, they are such a beautiful couple, I want to be them.]
  • Jon Foreman’s “Shadows” ep. I know I mentioned The Wonderlands last month, but the second ep in the project came out so I’m allowed to talk about it again, right? I just love all of his work. My favorite from the Shadows ep is probably “Ghost Machine” or “Your Love is Enough.” He’s been my most frequent listening all month long.
  • “At The Table” by Josh Garrels. His entire new(ish) album, “Home,” is wonderful, but this is one of my favorites from it. “There will always, always be a place for you at my table; return to me.”
  • Peter Hollens’ cover of “Now We Are Free (Gladiator Theme).” His voice does not become less beautiful to me, this song choice is brilliant, and his rendition of nearly anything he does is lovely.
  • “Into Your Arms Again” by Capital Kings. My brother gets annoyed with me because of how many songs I refer to as “my jam.” But I must say: this is my jam right now.
  • “So Close” by Ólafur Arnalds. He creates absolutely gorgeous music, and this is the first I’ve heard from him that has lyrics. Of course they would be beautiful, as well.
  • “After You Let Me Go” by The Country Together. There is a sweetness and a love in this that takes me to the summers of when I was young and full of wonder.

Movies/TV/YouTubeprince of egypt painting

  • The Prince of Egypt. My sister reminded me about the existence of this movie, and holy moly it is good. The music is haunting, the animation is uniquely pretty, and it makes me look at the story of the exodus with fresh eyes. I feel kinship with this portrayal of Moses.
  • “Food Network Star.” I’m such a nerd; when I watch TV (which is rare), I am probably watching Food Network. I get way too excited about this show.
  • “Say MovieNight Kevin (formerly Nostalgia Christian)” by Say Goodnight Kevin. He reviews Christian films and it’s fantastic. I spent a day watching all of the videos in this series and cracking up, while also uttering, “Yes, you tell ’em!” a few times. The “God’s Not Dead” episode is on point.
  • Charlie McDonnell trying to speak in an American accent. I laugh way too hard at “squirrel.”
  • The Sword in The Stone. I’ve be re-watching childhood movies as they cross my path, and after watching this one I concluded that Disney is the undisputed ruler of enduringly good animated films. It was darling and so enjoyable.
  • “Gravity Falls.” This show is my sense of humor to a T and I love it so much. There’s mystery and an over-arching plot, but there are also countless hilarious and even slightly teachable moments. I’m obsessed.
  • “Why Do Christians Freak Out About Everything?” by Blimey Cow. If I’m afraid to say it, I can count on Blimey Cow to most likely say it for me.
  • How to Train Your Dragon. I watched this at the house of one of my best friends, and I always forget how much I love it. I connect to Hiccup; he thinks differently than the people around him and won’t obey the societal norms if they don’t mesh with his principles. He stands for compassion even if it seems absurd to the people around him.
  • Mom’s Night Out. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if this movie was going to be good; I just haven’t been floored by any of the films this group has made. But I was so pleasantly surprised! Not only did it get me to genuinely laugh numerous times, but there was a really sweet heart behind all the humor. Added bonus: my dear friend was a production assistant and I got to see his name in the credits!


I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of these things, or about the things you consumed in July.


Any thoughts?

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