Life as a Wind Rider

100 Things to Look Forward To

final 1I told you a few months ago that focusing on the future hurts me sometimes. I’m a dreamer and I love knowing anything is possible, but if I focus on long-term life for very long, it discourages me, because I just don’t really know where I’m going. That’s why I choose to ride the wind Jesus sends me– because He’s a bigger dreamer than I am, and He knows where to take me. I am so grateful that He would do this for me.

But sometimes the future just gets in our faces, doesn’t it? There are a few situations that simply demand thinking long-term. It’s in those times that I want to hide under the covers until I feel safe again. It’s then that I need to find something about the future that reminds me life isn’t about a climax, but about the meaningful things in every day; about living my life in love. Part of me hopes that all of us deal with this sometimes. I hope out of selfishness because I don’t want to sound crazy, but I also hope out of love because we need each other. I want to remind you of hope when the only place you want to be is under the covers, and I want you to do that for me, too.

I began this list for myself, but I hope you can use it, too. I hope that when life doesn’t look meaningful and the future is a dark figure in your eyes, you can look at this list and remember that there is joy waiting for you. It was a lot easier than expected to think of one hundred things; I could easily come up with more and probably will later. I encourage you to create your own list, with things that move you. Don’t give those things up. Ride the wind, and collect treasures on your love-soaked journey. He wants to give you countless joys instead of one climax.

Here are just one hundred good things in the future that are light in the darkness:

Developing photos from the last seven years and scrapbooking them.

Painting the gardens I love.

Riding the train again.

Visiting Enchanted Forest in Oregon.

Recording music.

Publishing something.

Reading more books.

Taking a dance class.

Putting my lyrics to music.

Going to more concerts.

Owning a Chris Rice painting.

Getting married.

Holding babies.

Seeing meaningful new movies.

Experiencing healing in my family.

Finding a job I enjoy.

 Getting better at painting.

Sketching based on illustrations from the fairy books by Andrew Lang.

Owning Dinotopia books.

Having flowers in the house.

Decorating my own house.

Dying my hair red.

Going to more baby showers.

Writing lyrics again.

Seeing the redwoods in California.

Reading Tolkien for the first time.

Visiting the mountains up close.

Buying scented candles and lighting them all the time.

Seeing France.

Taking photos at the Loch in Scotland and later photo-shopping Nessie into them.

Having kittens in the house.

Adopting a child.

Laughing with my husband.

Taking a class from my beloved writing teacher again.

Meeting people in other states.

Going on a road trip.

Becoming a mother.

Seeing a real castle.

Expanding my blog.

“Hiking” a calm little forest trail.

Sitting by the lake in the summer.

Returning to my favorite rose garden and being able to spend as long as I want there.

Going to Disneyland for the first time.

Visiting the coast again.

Making some kind of Inkheart-based art.

Swinging at my favorite childhood park.

Witnessing a white Christmas.

Meeting people who will be significant parts of my story.

Seeing the Northern Lights in action.

Being part of more photo shoots with friends.

Seeing fireflies in person.

Owning (and probably over-using) a polaroid camera.

Camping with people I adore.

Going to the zoo.

Exploring ruins somewhere.

Visiting grand libraries.

Seeing my children grow as people.

Learning an instrument.

Setting up my easel and painting somewhere outside.

Reading the Anne of Green Gables series.

Finishing one of my stories.

Having a vegetable garden.

Going fruit-picking.

Being part of jam sessions.

Getting better at cooking.

Going on a scavenger hunt.

Wearing a flower crown.

Watching movies with dear friends.

Getting letters from people I love.

Collecting Christmas heirlooms.

Having tea parties.

Finding my wedding dress.

Keeping a plant alive.

Doing something fun on a YouTube channel.

Getting more yearbooks.

Getting better at projecting my voice when I give speeches.

Using a journal small enough to carry in my purse.

Learning to knit more complicated things.

Discovering more musicians I’ll cherish forever.

Exploring art galleries.

Meeting Colony House.

Seeing a live production of Les Mis.

Seeing a live production of the original Peter Pan play.

Being a ground-breaking generation of my family.

Walking through a secret passage.

Finally taking that photo with Brandon Heath.

Becoming confident in my abilities as a lyricist.

Going to Generation Unleashed again.

Sending out family Christmas cards.

Singing songs with my family all the time.

Adopting a pet.

Living with friends.

Wearing more pretty dresses.

 Seeing my best friend again and going on a random little adventure with her.

Puddle-splashing with my children.

Visiting a mountainous national park.

Joining a worship team again.

Giving my art to more people.

Owning a porch swing.

Flying, in a plane or a helicopter.

Coloring in coloring books with children.


Any thoughts?

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