To The Warriors

You are a warrior.
They didn’t simply hurt you–
They ripped you apart.
And you,
With tears on your cheeks and layers on your body,
taken May 19, 2014You were forced to find the shreds,
To try piecing them together again.
Dear warrior–
You are whole.
You have been restored.
It can’t be erased, but neither can you.
You are a warrior.
And speaking, healing, sobbing, living–
This is how you fight back.
Your soul is strong, they couldn’t destroy it.
And the pain will leave, someday.
Until that day–
Sob. Mourn. Ache.
And allow me to do it with you, if I can.
I believe you.
And those who don’t?
You don’t have to believe them, because you know.
You used your voice, warrior.
That is a great, fearsome weapon.
You learned the power of your voice, the power of truth.
Don’t stop using it to fight.
You matter, and your value can never be stolen.
You remain undefeated.

[For S.L, D.C., K.H., and others. Normally I give commentary after my poetry, but I strongly feel I should leave this to stand alone; don’t let my interpretation get in the way of what you just heard in your spirit.]


Any thoughts?

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