Thanksgiving Projects

Completion & Celebration {Walking in Joy, Week 5}


I got to chat with my dear friend, Carlie, at church on her birthday. She is such a meaningful, kind, strong person and I love her deeply. Also, don’t you enjoy my church’s carpeting?


I’m working on a speech for class, and it’s been one of the hardest to articulate; the deepest ones always are, maybe. But my teacher has been willing to help me as much as I needed her to, even staying after class to look over my rough outline with me and recommending a book for me.


IT’S OVER. IT’S DONE. The gigantic assignment I’ve been working on for a month that includes four giant parts is finally turned in, and I am actually pretty happy with the way it turned out. I stayed up late to finish it, then proceeded to feel like Frodo after the ring was destroyed.


Getting home on a Wednesday knowing my weekend had already begun was not only refreshing, but necessary. I needed a few calm days. I started the long weekend by simply sitting, petting my sweet cat and hiding from the cold.


I spent Thanksgiving watching the parade and The Emperor’s New Groove, snacking, and enjoying my family. I haven’t been able to do things like that in a while, and it was pretty nice.


Being free for a few extra days allowed me to get some things done I’ve been putting off forever, things like washing my sheets and cleaning my goldfish’s bowl. Clean and good-smelling things make life a little less crazy-seeming, somehow.


So. Cold. It is so cold, guys. I had to bundle up in so many layers and drink multiple cups of tea to feel like I could get any homework done. That’s a valid excuse for being a little slow, right? I was cold? Sigh. Also, check out them cow socks.

Sunday (again!)DSC08590

An extra day this week, to round up Walking in Joy. And I was indeed gleeful today, because we decorated for Christmas! We don’t have a tree yet, but the little trinkets we’ve had for years and years always lift my spirits. I am so excited for Christmas! [By the way, my Christmas playlist is now an actual YouTube playlist you can enjoy with me!]

Thank you for taking the first few steps of this journey with me! I pray we continue to walk in joy every day, even the hard days.


Any thoughts?

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