Thanksgiving Projects

Community & Conversations {Walking in Joy, Week 4}


My mom has “Tessa needs tea” senses; she knows when I am fed up with my homework (or my procrastination toward my homework…) and always enters my room to ask me if I want a cup. This honey vanilla chamomile was very needed. Also, just to brag about my mom, she’s been buying juice for me, too. The liquids in our fridge make me smile.


I’m not a fan of the cold, but there’s something about frost that lifts my spirits. On my drive to school, the pine trees looked like they belonged in my favorite Christmas movies, and I sighed as I passed them. I love the 1979 Jack Frost movie, I think because I relate to the adoration Alisa has for “him.”


I was able to make a few cards for people who have been encouraging me. I’d been meaning to write some of them for a long time, and finally forced myself to break out the glue stick and magazines and love these people! They have already loved me right back. I have such a great community.


I told myself I wouldn’t do “symbolic” pictures, but it’s my curse; yesterday my brother asked me what the mountain scene I drew on our whiteboard meant, and grunted at the way I’ve conditioned him when I said it wasn’t symbolic. Anyway– I took a big step in life. I’m in the process of removing oppressive things and replacing them with hope. And I’m more excited about it every day.


This picture is awkwardly and obviously staged, sorry! I somehow forgot to take a photo at the wonderful Thanksgiving lunch our school’s cafeteria put on. They made everything from scratch and even served students who aren’t on the meal plan. I ate it with dear friends, and we laughed pretty hard at things I can’t really remember. I just remember them and the joy they bring me daily.


I had a dentist appointment, and while I waited for the dentist to come look at my teeth, I got to talk to the hygienist. We ended up on the subject of my dreams, which seems kind of funny, but it was a meaningful conversation to me. A woman I’d just met was curious about where my dreams would take me, and hinted that she wondered why I’d chase them if I wasn’t looking for a career. I was glad to plant the idea that maybe dreams don’t need repayment, they just need to be lived.


This is a nice picture of the research I intended to do. But my brain was in such a fog and I was so tired, I just did what I could and played Mario Kart with my brother. Sigh.


Any thoughts?

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