Thanksgiving Projects

Cold & Warmed {Walking in Joy, Week 3}


Confession: I’m kind of the Grinch until the day after Thanksgiving (although Brandon Heath understands me so I’m pretty okay with it); Christmas is a feeling I savor, so I feel like I’m cheapening it if I start celebrating early. But. . . these holly-like bushes outside Wal-Mart were so cheerful, stark beauty in contrast of the trash-laden parking lot. For every person that tears us down, there will always be another who builds us up. Go to them, and give them your attention.


We got our 2013-14 yearbooks this week! I’m a homeschool kid who never got a “real” yearbook so I was pumped for this– and I wasn’t in it. I mean, I was in a few photos throughout it, but in the pages of the student body, I am no where to be found. I was kind of upset until I found out another friend was left out of it, too, and we found other errors that we were able to laugh pretty hard about. I’m still glad to have a yearbook. This photo was taken from a chair in the library where I looked through it.

Tuesdayour feet

My beautiful friends and I all ended up wearing boots, so after class Amy snapped this photo. Amy, Ashleigh, and Meigan are all so vital in my life, brighten every day, and make me feel comfortable and acceptable as myself. Love you girls so stinking much!


It’s been a bit stormy in Oregon this week. The wind was insane on Wednesday but it was still sunny and beautiful. I loved driving under trees and getting showered by their leaves, but I was saddened to see such bare trees the next day. When I got home from school, there were leaves all over the yard. This photo was taken quite a distance from our trees!


It’s also been freezing. Literally; there were icicles. After a long day at school and a wet, dark, scary drive home, I wanted nothing more but to wrap myself in layers, finish my homework, drink lots of tea, and go to bed as quickly as possible. I did exactly that.


My small group meets every Friday morning. This week we worshipped, prayed over our school, and wrote encouraging notes to people. I always feel weird about feeling encouraged when I hear about other people having a hard time, but I think it’s because I was built for community, and my soul leaps when I see it. If you’re feeling discouraged and down, take heart; a lot of us are. And we can remind each other of who God truly is.


I feel like this photo is creepy because I took it on someone else’s front stoop. Oh, well. I was on someone’s front stoop because a few ladies from my church and community got together for an autumn tea party. We had good food and exceptional laughter. It was the bright spot in a day that went wrong in pretty much every other way.


Any thoughts?

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