Thanksgiving Projects

Friends & Growth {Walking in Joy, Week 2}


My passion– okay, I have a lot of passions. But one of my passions is loving small children. That’s why I’m on the volunteer rotation for my church’s infant nursery; it’s rather selfish, actually. This Sunday I got to enjoy many little ones. There was pushing and time outs and tears– and I still had a complete blast.


I’m a sophomore in college, and this semester I’m in a speech class. At first I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it because I’m a writer, not a speaker, but my teacher and her expertise have helped me in a lot of ways. I gave a speech on Monday about the purity movement, and it was so shockingly well-received.


I’m meeting with a counselor friend now. Her name is Anne, and she gets me. Talking with her once a week helps me a lot. This picture was taken in my church’s lobby as I read a book because I was a bit early. The office carpet is super fun, and I hadn’t noticed it until I got my camera out for this photo.


Homework. Lots of it. But, I got it all done in time! And I got to be part of a wonderful study group, where I laughed and tried to stifle laughter because we were in the library. My friends make everything better. Good friends, and friends I’m getting to know. I love them all a lot.


I did a lot this day, but right when I saw this little orb in the stump outside where my dear friend was dog/house-sitting, it had to be my photo. I so enjoyed laughing with her as we drove down the street, and I met the sweet dog she’s taking care of. Although the dog’s owners were my youth pastors in middle school and I’m 99% sure they owned her back then, too.


My best friend wasn’t able to celebrate my birthday with me, but she more than made up for it by visiting me at school. She brought pudding, she gave me art supplies in a Spiderman 3 gift bag (complete with toilet paper instead of tissue paper; that’s innovation), we talked about everything, we laughed, we cried from laughter, we took photos, we loved. It was wonderful.


Homework again, but this homework was special because I got to take the StrengthQuest test and discover that my top strengths are Developing, Empathy, Connectedness, Adaptability, and Ideation. I’m excited to learn more about these, what they do in my life, and how I can use them better.


Any thoughts?

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