Thanksgiving Projects

Walking in Joy {Week 1}

I love doing something creative and encouraging every November, with Thanksgiving as an excuse to make the theme joy and gratitude. This year, I’m in a weird place. I’m in a place of waiting, wondering, learning, and figuring life out. It’s weird. But a small part of me likes it and sees freedom in it. I’ve been saying, to myself and to the Lord, that I’m looking for the next stepping stone. That, plus my bizarre love for pictures of my feet, have spurred this year’s Thanksgiving project: Walking in Joy.

This is going to be a month-long photo project. Each day, I’ll take a photo that includes my feet and represents something meaningful I did that day. It will remind me that there is purpose and joy even in the places of waiting, and that I truly am going somewhere. Maybe I’ll even find that stepping stone.

November began on a Saturday, so here is the first week, composed of one entire day (haha):DSC08502This photo was taken after meeting my aunt and uncle for pizza, right outside the restaurant. My aunt had talked about how exhilarating it’s been for her to start practicing piano again, how she’s been teaching herself, how she’s playing things she couldn’t play before– and she made me realize that maybe I could do the same thing. Maybe I’ll dig out my ten-year-old piano books and learn again. The leaves kind of speak to me of freedom and potential.


Any thoughts?

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