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Delighted by Love

I know the Song of Solomon is kind of joked about as the “taboo” book in the Bible, but when I hear people talk about it all I can remember is the deep, lasting encouragement and hope it has brought me so many times. I can always find a piece of “she” that I identify with, and then “he” responds and speaks such love over me.

I read it again this weekend, and I was smiling because it was real. I wasn’t just reading a book; me and Jesus were talking together, about what matters. It’s easy to get distracted by the little things. Many of them do matter, but so often I’m remembering them instead of the life-defining. I’m living as if they matter more than I know they do.

taken June 21, 2013 (by Sierra)I forget that I’m living a love story every step I walk.

We hear and remember that Jesus loves us, but every once in a while it really hits us. Sometimes He says or does something, and I feel butterflies unlike I’ve ever felt from another human being, as if He whispered loving words in my ear or hugged me longer than usual. It reminds me He’s in love with me. He is passionate about me. He is 100% committed to loving me, with all of Him. I am overwhelmed by the reality. It knocks me to the ground when He reminds me that this is so close and real. But when I was reading Song of Solomon this weekend, something else became overwhelmingly real. I know Jesus loves me, and I rejoice in His love so deeply. I am so delighted by His love–

And He delights in my love, too.

He doesn’t simply accept my love because He’s God and He deserves it. He wants it, because He wants me. When I started loving Him, He completely burst and poured so much out to me. It was like He’d proposed to me and I said yes; He spun me in the air with tears in His eyes, then set me down and kissed me. How has it never really sunk in that my love for Him matters to Him? His reaction to my love isn’t, “Good, you’re doing what I asked you to do.” No! He cries, “I love you, too, Tessa, so much! How beautiful is your love, my sister my bride! How beautiful and pleasant you are, O loved one, with all your delights!” I captivate Him. No one can fully comprehend what it’s like for the person you are completely enamored with to love you; it’s a dream that still feels like a dream even when it’s real. I make Jesus feel this way. Because I love Him, He is delighted. He is overwhelmed with gladness because I chose Him.

And He feels this way about your love, too.


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