From My Poem-a-Day Journal

taken April 7, 2014Recently I told you that I was inspired to write daily poems. As I’ve been doing it, a lot of clarity has found it’s way to me, and I’ve become even more grateful that Jesus would give me something like this; that He would give me a pencil and journal and words to see what He sees. I think He’d like for me to share some of the poems that have come out these past few weeks, so I’ve put the ones He’s pointing out here for you. Maybe you’ll find some of your words in mine.

“I don’t need it.”
I never believed that I did.
So why did my soul say that to me?
I have been clinging, coping,
And my head never understood.
Never understood that I felt I was lacking,
That I deeply craved pleasure–
That taking joy in right now would become an instant cure for my restlessness.
But now nearly all of me knows:
I don’t need it.

Sometimes joy is silent.
Sometimes all we need is the knowledge of what is happening,
And love for each other.
I couldn’t see or hear, but I knew.
And the joy was overwhelming.
When He plans it, He brings joy with Him
And throws it like rice at a wedding celebration.

I ache.
And sometimes I forget you do, too.
I ache more deeply when I turn my face from you.
I wish I could rip apart all that holds me back from showing you how much I love you.
Maybe I will.
Even if it makes me ache a little.

I’m screaming inside.
I’m questioning why I’ve been doing any of this.
I’m demanding answers from you so the worries will leave.
But you just say:
“My dear, it’s so much simpler than this.
“Just follow love.”


Any thoughts?

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