My Christmas Playlist


I love music and I love Christmastime, so naturally I have a love for Christmas music. It triggers emotions of bliss because of the delightful memories inside each song. Because I love sharing what’s inside me, I decided to put together this list of memories for you. Some songs have been with me as I’ve grown up, some are newer to me but just too good to keep to myself. It’s a little long, but. . . it has to be! I hope you find some that trigger emotions in you.taken December 24, 2008

If I’ve left out your absolute favorite Christmas song, let me know! I’m always up for recommendations (hint: I’m on the hunt for an exceptional version of “O Come All Ye Faithful”). Have a wonderful Christmas season and give to all you meet, even if you don’t have anything physical for them!


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  1. “Snow Globe” by Matt Wertz is my fave ridiculous happy holiday song. I dare someone NOT to smile watching that video. So funny! Have you heard “How Many Kings” by downhere?

    • I love pretty much anything Matt Wertz!

      And yes, I have heard that song! Last year the radio played it so much that I became sick of it, but because of your suggestion I looked it up again, and I really do like it. I like that it’s clearly a Christmas song but doesn’t have to be :)

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