Thanksgiving Projects

Cold Weather, Writing, & My Cat (Week 4)

taken November 17, 2013November 17, 2013– church music, glitter, prayer with Holly, and meeting Landon.

My church’s worship leader (who is also my good friend, AJ) makes diverse choices every Sunday morning, but for some reason this week’s song selection was especially good to me. Thanks, AJ! (And Jesus!) The glitter? It fascinated me for a while as I sprinkled it around my room. I really have no idea why. But this is the best glitter ever, so prismatic! It’s label says “fairy dust,” and that is a completely accurate description. Anyway. . . me and Holly were able to have a quick prayer partner session over the phone, so that was nice. It’s always a good thing to be able to share that, hearing each other’s prayers out loud. And lastly, I go to meet my dear friend, Kayla’s, baby boy! He was born six days prior. He is so perfect, and I am so glad that he is part of this world, and I am so ecstatic for Kayla and her husband! I didn’t take a picture in the moment, but later I took a picture of a memento I kept from the baby shower back in August. Welcome to the world, Landon!

taken November 18, 2013November 18, 2013– my umbrella, a package for a friend, my blanket, and a beloved friend’s birthday.

Abriannah got me an adorable umbrella for my birthday back in October– and it didn’t rain again. Haha! But on this day, it did, and I got to use it! I love the gentle tapping of raindrops on the material of the umbrella. My lovely friend, Delaney, is going to college on the other side of the country, and I miss her, so me and my mom put together this little package for her. It was fun to fill the box with things that reminded me of her, and it was especially fun to hear back from her so soon! Love you, Delaney! My fuzzy blanket. . . because it’s stinking cold here now. And this day was the birthday of my amazing childhood friend, Liz. I don’t know where she is now or how she’s doing, but I love and miss her. I was listening to this song she once recommended to me all day. Liz, if you find this, I miss you and have never stopped praying for and loving you!

taken November 19, 2013November 19, 2013– dancing to elevator music, a candle, a finished essay, and hard thinking.

I had to call a complicated company for complicated reasons, but long story short it was about 45 minutes of one song and 2 minutes of actually talking with someone. But I made the most of it: I danced around the house to that one song! Laughter from that was needed this day, because the rest of it was spent writing a paper that was a hard story to tell; I actually cried writing it at one point. I printed out my final draft around 10 at night, and it felt like I had given birth– painful to get out, but in the end I was so refreshed. And lastly, I found a lot of things that made me think hard. One was an online argument between people with the same beliefs, another was an interview between 2 “Christians” and a blatant non-believer who was closer to the truth than them, another was a completely heartless article with comments worsening it. . . it was just a lot to process and I still haven’t quite yet, but I’m glad that I’m finding things that get me to ask the tough questions. Take this as my encouragement to you: ask those tough questions. Sometimes the truth is hard, but it is always better than walking in lies. Oh, and the candle calmed me down as I wrote, because candles simply have that effect!

taken November 20, 2013November 20– cake, a successful essay, sharing a devotion in class, and my sweet kitty.

The cake itself actually wasn’t very good, but a slightly hilarious memory is associated with it: when the MC at our school chapel dismissed us, he did it by saying, “Now, let us break bread together in the form of cake.” I laughed a lot harder than I should have. The essay I wrote the day before? I received the best grade I’ve gotten on an essay yet. My teacher appreciated my honesty, and she blessed me so much with her praises of my writing. We then talked about the most recent Once Upon a Time episode, haha (which, by the way, was insane)! That morning, it was my turn to share a devotion in one of my classes, so I read an older blog post. It was well-received, and both me and the man who also shared a devotion that morning had points that tied in with the day’s lecture, unbeknownst to us! Everyone was kind of blown away by that “coincidence.” And my cat. I know she’s been a positive thing before, but just look at how she rests on me! There’s something beautiful about the kind of dependency that makes animals feel safe sleeping on you.

taken Nov 21, 2013November 21– my dad’s sweater, organization, late-night drives under the clear sky, and my cat… again.

My dad was looking through our closet (yes, we share a closet) when he found this sweater he hasn’t worn in probably twenty years. He asked me if I wanted it, and of course I said yes. Now I have a grandpa sweater and a dad sweater! Not only are they both warm, but they’re also both from beloved men in my life. The corkboard represents getting organized about my homework (and was a graduation gift from my sweet friend, Carlie!), which is long overdue. My dad drove me to my church for youth group, as he always does; we talk (about anything) or we simply listen to the radio, and I treasure spending that time with him. Plus, the gas station attendant thought we were married, so that was a particularly laughter-filled drive home. “Just because I’m wearing his sweater. . .” And I apologize for putting my cat in here AGAIN. She’s just so cute, and she’s been keeping me warm this week!

taken November 22, 2013November 22– frosty mornings, pumpkin pie ice cream, my cd player, and getting ahead on homework.

It was 22 degrees when I left for school on this morning! The frost was beautiful, though, so I didn’t mind. And don’t ask me why we had ice cream when it was below freezing outside; just marvel at the fact that this flavor is called Pumpkin Pie A la Mode. It’s even better than it sounds, it has little pieces of pie crust in it! I know it might be unusual, but I still have one of these portable cd players. Sometimes I just want to listen to one cd over and over, and when I don’t want to blast my music I can use this cd player with headphones. This week I’ve been using it for my journaling time, and my cd of choice has been Shipwreck Pedro‘s ep. I don’t know if they’re still making music, but their ep is beautiful– folksy, but not in a wanna-be way. It’s gorgeous. And before bed that night, I was able to get ahead on my homework load for the next day, so that was nice.

taken November 23, 2013November 23, 2013– completed homework, Anastasia hair, watching Les Miserables with my mom, and writing to my husband.

The relief of finishing all my homework on Saturday so that I am completely free on Sunday cannot be measured! Making a checklist helps me, I’m learning. Remember last week when I mentioned my haircut? It’s an okay haircut, but the front layers like to flip up almost daily, so I’ve gotten into the habit of just pulling them back into a tiny ponytail. It reminds me of Anastasia and how her hair looked when she first left the orphanage, haha! You also know from last week that I am obsessed with Les Miserables. Well, I found the two movie versions I hadn’t seen on YouTube, and last night me and my mom watched the 1970’s version together. I think they did a fairly good job, it’s in the top two for me! In the photo you see the magnificent Javert that they cast, he looks exactly like my mind picture! And lastly, I wrote a letter to my husband. I have a journal for this exact purpose. I love being able to share things with him in a way, and it helps when I’m not feeling very patient. I recommend keeping a journal of letters if patience in that area is something you wrestle with!

This challenge is actually helping me find the positivity that was already in my life! So. . .  what kept YOU positive this week?


Any thoughts?

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