Thanksgiving Projects

College Life & Adventures with Family (Week 1)

[November ends on a Saturday, so for the sake of having full weeks for the rest of the Four Positive Things project I am sharing last week’s pictures, just the first two days of November. The rest of the posts for this will have all seven days of the week. Also, you can click on the pictures to see them full-sized, I just didn’t want to take up all that space.]

taken November 1, 2013November 1– the view from my college campus, a random doodle in my biology notes, a drawing-in-progress, and quiet time with my computer during lunch.

I’ve been in college for almost three months now (we started in late August), but this is the first picture I’ve taken there because I’m a little shy about it. I’m glad I took this, because I know I’ll want to look back on my first few months at school. GOING to school is a big deal for this homeschooled kid! It’s been bumpy, but I enjoy it now and am very grateful to be where I am. (Plus, we have a panoramic view of the city; this picture does not at all encompass it!) As for the doodle? To be honest, biology is a difficult class to keep up in, so finding this sheep doodle from last week in my notebook as I was rushing to jot down a few terms was a smile trigger. The drawing-in-progress is part of another challenge I’m doing this month, just an art one for myself. (You can find it here if you want to try it, too!) I love being creative and I don’t have a lot of time/motivation to do it at this point, so this challenge is good for me. And quiet time during lunch is just nice. I greatly enjoyed simply listening to music and eating tortilla chips on the recliner outside my next classroom. Must take time to rest a little!

Ntaken November 2, 2013ovember 2– purple flowers at Home Depot, a Mat Kearney playlist from my grandparents, Monsters University, and seeing my best friend at work.

Purple is my favorite color, forever and always. When we met up with my grandparents and I saw this perfect row of purple flowers, I quickly snapped a photo before heading off on adventures with them. My grandparents also surprised me with a Mat Kearney playlist cd, which was so thoughtful of them. I love Mr. Kearney’s music but until they gave me this I didn’t own any of it; now I do, and it’s wonderful. My favorites on this cd are “Undeniable”, “Here We Go”, “Nothing Left To Lose”, and “Chicago.” That night I watched Monsters University with my mom and brother for the first time, and oh my word, what a good movie! Not only do I love the characters and the humor, but I could understand a little of what they were going through: rejection, feeling as if they can’t live their dreams. I, too, was rejected by my choice program at college, and seeing how the monsters didn’t let that rejection keep them from trying was a nice little push– “Don’t stop trying, Tessa!” Thanks, Jesus, for using those cute little monsters to talk to me. Finally, one of those adventures I mentioned earlier included going to Michael’s– where my best friend Sierra happens to work! We don’t get to spend time together often, so it’s always great when I have an excuse to go find some craft supplies. (And don’t worry, I’m not one of those kids that always wears a hood; it was raining.)

What kept you positive this week?


Any thoughts?

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