Tips/Truths/Reminders For Prayer Partners


me and Holly at Acquire the Fire! taken April 19, 2013Last week, me and my dear friend, Holly, shared with you the story of our prayer partnership and why we think it’s important that you have your own! I’ve asked her to collaborate with me again, this time so we can share a few of the things we’ve learned so far. My words are in purple, hers are in blue. We hope you find something in our experiences that will help you in your own life! Let’s dive into it:

Tip: Just call! If you want to, chances are they do, too! His timing is good.

Reminder: Go to the Lord FIRST, before you call your prayer partner about anything. You have to remember that HE is the one who answers your prayers, the one you need to rely on.

Reminder: Go ahead and share about your lives, but make sure you actually PRAY.

Tip: Write down the requests from your prayer time and stick them on your desk. I do that with anything I’m praying about, but I have a special place for Holly (and Sierra) and any specific needs of theirs.

Reminder: The LORD has heard my plea; the LORD accepts my prayer. Psalm 6:9

Truth: Hearing Holly’s prayers for me is always the most encouraging part. Pray out loud together.

Truth: For where two or three are gathered in My name, there am I among them. Matthew 18:20

Tip: Don’t worry so much about scheduling; just call (or e-mail, meet up, whatever works) when there’s something to share. There will be periods when one of you is gone or both of you are in a pretty good place.

Tip: In these days He went out to the mountain to pray, and all night He continued in prayer to God. Luke 6:12

Truth: Your prayers really are effective; keep doing it!

There it is, short and sweet; I can’t wait to see what else we learn! Do YOU have a prayer partner? Anything else you would add to this?


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  1. I love this (and both of you). Thanks for sharing! Your blog posts always encourage me.

    P.S. I absent-mindedly clicked the video at the bottom of your post, thinking it was something you intended to put there. Haha! *Awkward* I definitely didn’t realize it was an ad at first. ;)

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