Garage Sailing


I see a woman in floral attire

She has a soothing voice that could inspire

Look at the man in the worn-out jeans

But everything about him is not as it seems

So many faces, stories untold

taken by SierraEven the young, not simply the old

Frown lines, empty eyes, scars on the inside

All of the pleas they’re trying to hide

Yet hope for tomorrow can come from another place

To capture their heart and lift up their face

Then joy can be theirs, beauty can fill those eyes

No longer will they feel alone or despised

If only they’ll look to the One who frees us

Please, call out His name, beg for Jesus!

So I won’t sit back and watch from afar

I will love these souls, wherever they are

Me and my best friend, Sierra, wrote this poem together as we were sitting at her garage sale. Evangelism is something that both of us have been feeling the desire to act on in more ways than we have been, so what began as a simple way to pass the time as people browsed became a reminder that everywhere we go is a mission field.  I hope our impulse convicts you, as well.

[P.S., Sierra blogs, too!]


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  1. I’d forgotten just how much I love this! For an impromptu poem, it’s pretty deep and challenging to me still. And I just adore YOU!
    (P.S. Looking at this picture makes me smile. My eyes look Chinese! haha…and that reminds me of our badminton tournament…*ahem*.)

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