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Things I’ve Learned as a Working Girl (So Far)

After eighteen years of being a little girl who writes every day (of course, there were a few years in there when I couldn’t write…), I’ve begun working full-time for an industrial supply company; I weed the grounds, inventory clothes, help in the office, basically do whatever odd job I’m asked to do. I’ve been there for two weeks now. This has been such a strange but eye-opening experience for me already, and I thought I should share some of those lessons!

I work at the same place as my dad. We’re in different roles/departments, but I take my breaks with him and it is such a blessing to see him more than I used to. Something working with him has made me realize is just how hard he has always worked for me. He gives everything he has so that I can have a good life! I’ve heard people say that about their parents, and I’ve believed it about mine, but it’s different to actually see it. I see him sweat, struggle, ache, and I am fully aware that the only reason he does this is for our family. I appreciate him so deeply, even more than I used to, and I didn’t know I could!

The weeding I’ve had to do is a bit intense (thankfully it’s almost done!), so I always look forward to when my dad calls me in for our break. A couple days into this job, it was a hot, humid day and I wasn’t super positive about the work I was doing out in it. In fact, I was quite negative. I didn’t know what time it was, but I knew my dad would tell me when it was time to rest a little, and I dearly looked forward to that! Suddenly I realized: this is an analogy! In times when it’s hard to persevere, I need to remember that my Dad is coming to get me. I just have to wait for Him and believe that His timing is good. Did I ever doubt my dad would come? No! Why should I doubt the Lord’s faithfulness? He comes, I just don’t know what the specific time will be. But He does come.

Yes, pulling all these weeds has been tedious and not something I look forward to, but Jesus chose to speak through this! One day as I was working, a certain weed was a bit harder to pull than normal. I yanked, grunted, yanked some more, only to find that I just couldn’t pull it; I had to break it off as far down as I could and leave a little stub in the ground. Jesus pointed out, “Sin is a lot like that.” He’s a pretty smart guy, Jesus is. Those weeds had been growing all year and no one had tended to them, therefore they eventually grew taller and spread farther so that my position had to be created! How often do we do that in our hearts? You see something in you that shouldn’t be there, but it’s so small that you think you can leave it alone. Yet, with time, it will grow and spread into something that is so much harder to overcome. He had mentioned that to me before– uproot your fleshy habits, even if they seem small and harmless. I must let go of even the “tiny” vices in my heart.

I’ve also just been relying on Jesus more, since all of this is so new to me. I love being close to Him, and am working on investing in our relationship even when I’m tired. He was, after all, kind enough to send me this job to help pay for college! I love you, Jesus, you are so gracious and loving.

I think that I am the only person at my workplace who knows Jesus. I’d been praying for a way to be a home missionary, since I’m a homeschooled writer and don’t see too many people, and then I started working here, so maybe this is my answer? I would love your prayers for His presence and His light at my workplace! Everyone there is kind to me (AND watches their language around me, wahoo!), so I think He could use me somehow before the summer is over. This is an adventure I didn’t expect, but I am grateful for it and excited to be on it with Him!


Any thoughts?

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