The 5:19 Photo Project, 2013


Two years ago, I attempted to throw me and Jesus a wedding, and although He helped me realize that it was a strange idea because we’re having a real one in the future, the pictures I took remained as a visual of purity and joy in being His bride. The next year, I took pictures in my white dress once again, but this time it wasn’t a makeshift “wedding”– it was The 5:19 Photo Project.

I love the concept. I know most people would NOT have come up with this simply by listening to “5:19” by Matt Wertz, but I kind of like that. It could mean I’m a little crazy, or it could mean that Jesus can speak to our hearts in ways no one else can quite catch. I like the latter; I believe it.

This year, my dear friend Holly was able to come over and take pictures with me. Jesus blessed us with the sunny day I’d been asking for (it was raining all week, and it’s raining again now; how loved am I?!), and we laughed and posed and reveled with Him. It was a vivid picture of rejoicing in His love, and a glimpse into what purity really looks like. Purity isn’t just abstinence (although that’s an aspect of it): purity is a lifestyle created by loving Jesus so much that you let it dictate your every thought and action.

Be overjoyed that He is your husband! He calls you His beloved bride; He romances you daily; His love for you is what earthly marriages are based on and cannot match. This is true love.

Please enjoy this year’s 5:19 Photo Project:

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Any thoughts?

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