I don’t know what I want to do,
I never really did.(found on Pinterest)
But the pressure’s pressing harder,
And it’s like my future ran and hid.
My notions never stick for long,
And all my plans get lost.
I want to run to Neverland,
But I already see how great the cost.

I have a passion for creative words,
For going beyond the surface.
But could I really make it on that?
I just can’t seem to find my purpose.
For now I try to love everyone I can,
Because that’s all I know how to do.
I wish I could run to Neverland,
But I know somewhere there’s a dream aching to come true.

I hold a vague but beautiful picture
Of what my life could be.
It’s full of real love and Jesus by my side,
And hope that goes beyond what I can see.
So maybe I should just trust in Him
And He’ll lead me to what’s right.
I don’t need Neverland–
My future’s already perfectly bright!


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