She cried and cried at the words she heard,
And how deeply they touched her.
Jesus came to save her soul,
And He’d be with her forever.

When stars seemed to fade and life seemed lost,
She remembered His beautiful love.
Then Hope returned and lit her up
When she thought of her future above.

For He told her from the beginning
Of the wonders she’d someday see.
She learned to wait with dreams and awe
Of the beauty that would someday be.

So now she goes on rejoicing
And waiting so lovingly
For the Lord to come back for His bride
And show her eternity.

I wrote this poem almost three years ago and was so wowed when I rediscovered it today. I don’t know what stirred me to write it, but at the time I didn’t even know who it was about; I was just writing the testimony of a blurry-faced girl. Reading it today, I see that Jesus inspired me to write this poem. He was giving me MY testimony with a glimpse of the future, and today He used it to wildly encourage me and remind me why I wait: our love is worth it. I look forward to fulfilling this poem/prophecy!


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