Thanksgiving Projects

Grace is…

Every Thanksgiving, I come up with a project. Sometimes I stay up late doing it, sometimes I do it throughout the day, but this year was different: I spent all month on it.

Jesus has been teaching me a lot about grace. I’d been living life thinking I was entitled to good things: when I didn’t get what I wanted, I wallowed in self-pity, but when I did get what I wanted–nothing. I thought all was as it should be. I never stopped to think that I don’t deserve anything, that every good thing I receive is a gift. A friend once shared that God’s blessings are really a removal of curses. That this fallen world is what we deserve, but when God blesses us and gives us something good, He’s removing a piece of the curse. He takes what should be there and replaces it with His grace. I wasn’t always thankful for grace. Whenever He would show it to me through an act of redemption or a gift, I actually had the nerve to think, “Finally!” Can you imagine?! He took the curse that I deserve and put it on Himself. He became sin when He was on the cross, so He could destroy it and break the curse. Now anyone who believes in Him and follows Him gets a new life, where the curse is broken. We still live in the fallen world, so we constantly battle opposition and temptation, but for us there is freedom. Blessing. Grace. He gives us what we don’t deserve. How can I not be in awe of that every day?

That’s what my Thanksgiving project was about this year. Every little (and sometimes big) thing I was given that I didn’t deserve, I tried to remember at the end of every day to create this:

Some things, like The Iron Giant or nail polish, you might think, “That’s grace?” Yes, it is, because I don’t deserve touching movies or artistic beauty. He didn’t need to give me those things, but He did anyway because He loves me and my smile. I think that sometimes those seemingly small things are more full of grace, because they couldn’t be given out of pity or moral duty. They’re just gifts He wanted to give me. I could have written so many more things, and many I didn’t write simply because I already had, but I cannot tell you how blessed beyond measure I am. Every little thing Jesus does for me is an act of grace, and if I just look for them, I’m blown away. Maybe I’ll do something like this every month.

How will Jesus save you from the curse today?


Any thoughts?

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