Ocean Stories

I run like the ocean to find Your shore…

     Every trip to the ocean is different. Usually I find analogies that use the ocean to symbolize Jesus, and that’s true in my latest trip’s results, but another element was introduced, as well: the sun. I think both represent Him this time, maybe describing parts of His three-fold personality. I enjoyed the beautiful weather and time with loved ones on this trip. Here are some notes from my time with Jesus on the ocean-front porch of my hotel room during a crazy sunset:

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  • Sunsets are incredible, especialy when you think about it hard enough. The sun starts so high up and obviously bright. It gets lower, but at the same time it gets more glorious! It touches the water and makes it shimmer and sparkle magnificently! It goes deeper and deeper and makes the colors in the sky do the same thing! And then– it’s gone. The sky is bright a little longer, then night falls. If you’d never experienced a sunset before, how do you think you would feel? Wouldn’t you feel let down? Wonder why the sun was so close, then just GONE? All you need to do is rest; it’ll come back in the morning, to show you glory after glory every day.
  • Notice how the sun’s beams shed light on certain parts of the water especially at different times?

     The next day, when we stopped at a shore-side park area to give our leftover bread to the birds, the most ordinary, random sight made an impression on me: an older gentleman with his dog, sitting on a bench, silently watching the waves. Here’s the note I scribbled afterwards:

Why don’t you just jump in? Brave the waters? Crazy? Jesus only lets the evil-hearted be dashed against the rocks or drown. You can WALK! He’ll even catch you if you start sinking! Don’t spend your life watching on the shore, alone.

I don’t know why little things like that are the way God chooses to speak sometimes, but I always treasure it; to me, it shows that it’s personal, because who else would think or even understand these things, right? He seeks each of us out individually, in special ways made for us.

     By the way, did you know that I can find ocean analogies in the Bible, too? Neither did I! I was reading Ezekiel 47 last night, and it surprised me! I encourage you to read the passage (verses 1-12) and take some notes of your own; mine are short and sweet:

  • The water gets deeper, but you have to keep moving to get to the depth, sometimes quite a distance.
  • The water makes things live, is the source of substinence.
  • The water feeds the trees so they can bear fruit.

     If you don’t understand any of these, feel free to ask me about them. Keep going deeper and deeper, taking seemingly crazy measures to be close to Him. And never lose hope; He’s coming back.


Any thoughts?

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