Pondering Treasures: What Jesus is Teaching Me NOW


     After over a month of praying about it and trying to knock down my pride, I have decided to stop writing for Years of Listening.

     Do you remember various places in the Gospels where it says that Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart? Jesus keeps bringing that up to me in different ways. He told me that there are times for sharing, but there are also times for keeping things between us, working them out and treasuring them by ourselves. He let me know that awhile ago, but just recently have I understood what He meant and, honestly, cared enough to listen. I thought taking a month off and sharing old poetry would be fine, but I know what He wants me to do. Years of Listening (the writings, not the lifestyle) must end.

     Thank you for reading whatever pieces of my life and heart you’ve read. I look forward to getting back to the writing that stirred me to begin Forgiven and Loved in the first place: writing with Him as my Editor.


Any thoughts?

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