For Them


She was created so beautifully by Your hand,

But she’s made some terrible mistakes.

She trusts me with everything she has.

Why doesn’t she trust you?

I love her, Lord, but she’s so lost and confused.

Her scars make me shiver when I trace them.

Does she know how much You care?

Save her, Lord, please save her!

He’s my friend now, and it’s usually great.

He’s kind and helpful and cares for me.

I’ve always known that something was wrong.

He doesn’t smile much, it seems.

He hasn’t let You fill his hole, has he?

Sometimes I don’t know who he is.

The pressure is building on the outside.

Save him, Lord, please save him!

I love them, Lord, I love them all.

They love me, too, but it’s not enough.

They need You.

I’ve lost so many, and fear for the others.

The world’s forces are strong, but I know You are stronger.

I’ll help you win this battle for them.

Let’s go, Lord, let’s go!


Any thoughts?

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