The Summer of Storms

You are the first of my summer of storms,
Since you showed your face again.
I know in my head that we’re not meant to be,
But these feelings are still creeping in.
God called me to love you without running away,
And I promise that’s just what I’ll do.
I’ll cling to Him, pushing my feelings aside,
So I can finally love you.

You are the second of my summer of storms;
You’ve been brewing for some time.
I didn’t know my hurt was buried this deep,
Like and old, abandoned mine.
You inflicted such pain those years ago,
And the wound is still so fresh.
But God is a Healer, and He’s working in me
So I can love you despite my flesh.

You are another of my summer of storms,
But you didn’t choose to be.
What’s been done to you fills my heart with fury,
And every day I pray you’ll be set free.
When you said what you did, I couldn’t stand by;
I acted, then begged and sobbed.
It kills me to not know where you are,
But I’ll love you until of my life I’m robbed.

You are yet another of my summer of storms;
You seem small, but I know the truth.
I know this storm will come rolling back,
So I’ll learn to brave it in my youth.
I threw you into the fire, you’re gone!
Surrender will make it all okay.
I’ve made mistakes, but He’s given grace,
And I can love you with purity today.

I am my own of my summer of storms,
The struggle, the war inside.
I’ve fooled everyone, even me, that I’m humble,
And it’s frightening to see what I’ve managed to hide.
Has all this been an effort in vain
To win respect or love?
Now I see I’ve always been nailing You down,
All because You’re not who I think of.
I need to feel Your loving arms again,
Or I fear my heartbeat will meet its end.

Sometimes these storms seem never-ending,
And all I want is an escape.
What I’ve just shared is a glimpse of the valley,
Where it feels like all aid comes too late.
But, Jesus, you’ve been here! You’re simply at rest,
Dreaming I’ll come rest with You.
You want me to trust You, to hold to my faith,
Quietly waiting for the storm to pass through.
Show me the way to Your peace from here;
Empty my mind, fill my heart, calm my fear.


Any thoughts?

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