Without Running Away


Song of Songs 8:1-4–

[continuing with SHE]

Oh that you were like a brother to me who nursed at my mother’s breasts! If I found you outside, I would kiss you, and none would despise me. I would lead you and bring you into the house of my mother– she who used to teach me. I would give you spiced wine to drink, the juice of my pomegranate. His left hand is under my head, and his right hand embraces me! I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, that you not stir up or awaken love until it pleases.

     What I found: She faces opposition because she loves Him. She wants to kiss Him and keep Him close and bless Him, if only she wasn’t despised by everyone else for it. But He still embraces her, and because of this she will commit to loving Him anyway! Can we be her?! Because she loves Him, she is ridiculed. Do some people poke at you or avoid you because Jesus is in your heart and life? Or are you afraid to openly show that you love Him? Fear is okay! It’s what you do with that fear that determines the way you live. Instead of giving in to your fear, remind yourself that God is Love and love casts out fear, and live your life fearlessly loving! If someone is rude or even cruel to you because you love Jesus, celebrate! It shows you’ve started looking like Him! You know, people absolutely despised Jesus when He walked the earth. Why do you think He was crucified? He looked just like His Father! Remember His love for you if you are tempted to hide your love for Him. Take joy in the fact that He shouts about His love for you on the mountaintops, that He lives His love for you, and let that drive you to do the same! This is the third time “SHE” has told us to not stir up or awaken love until it pleases, so it must be important! I take so many things from this verse; almost every time it’s something different. This time it said to me that the love between me and Jesus is so special because of the long wait we had for it. I’ve always had His love, but I wasn’t even aware of it until I was four, wasn’t even sure it was worth it until I was thirteen, wasn’t even sure of it until I was fifteen! I had to wait for our relationship because of my own fear and uncertainty, and Jesus had to wait ever since He thought of me. That is a VERY long time, a length we can’t comprehend! Our love is a priceless treasure, and the wait was worth it a thousand times over. Are you still waiting? Talk to Him about it. He’s ready when you are!

What did you see in our passage today?


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