Until You Got Love


Song of Songs 7:11-13–

[continuing with SHE]

Come, my beloved, let us go out into the fields and lodge in the villages; let us go out early to the vineyards and see whether the grape blossoms have opened and the pomegranates are in bloom. There I will give you my love. The mandrakes give forth fragrance, and beside our doors are all choice fruits, new as well as old, which I have laid up for you, O my beloved.

What I found: She has been working to present her best to Him, not because she wants to earn Him or win Him over with gifts, but because she wants to love Him. She gives Him her best. Three questions for me and you in this. First: Have we been working hard to bless Jesus? We don’t usually think of Jesus in need of blessing, do we? After all, He IS God. He has everything… right? He can get anything He wants in a split second– except for our love. He loved us so much that He didn’t want to force us to love Him back. He gave us the choice. If we don’t give Him our love, He doesn’t have it; if He doesn’t have our love, He hurts. Understand that He doesn’t need us, He isn’t incomplete without us, but His love for us kills Him every day that He’s without ours in return. Dear friend, you are His life’s mission! He made history the way He did so He could come to you! He forsook His perfect and safe home to come to you! He DIED a horrendous death for you! He defied logic when He rose back to life so He could be with you! Do you see how much He has worked to bless us with His love?! Bless Him in return. Give Him what He has been toiling for all His life: YOU. Question number two: what is our motive behind working to love Him? He’s been showing me this year (or I’ve finally been paying attention to Him) that all I do is in an effort to earn His love. I know in my head that He loved me before He created the world, that He died for me before I did anything for Him or even looked at Him, but it’s hard to know in my heart. The way He loves is so different from the way we do! We do things for people hoping they will love us; He does things for people without even thinking about being loved Himself. Again, He is complete without us, because He is Love. His only thought when He shows love to us is how much He loves us. He doesn’t try to earn love, because He knows if things worked that way He would already have earned all of us. Jesus, teach us to love like you! Don’t let us worry about earning anything in return, because love is not about that! The battle is already won; you already love us! Help us to love you simply because we DO. Lastly: are we saving our best for Him? If we do love Him, are we pouring so much of our energy into other things that our expression to Him is, “I love you! Goodnight!”? Have you “run out of time” for God? I’ll let Blimey Cow have the reigns on this one. Let’s make loving God our life mission, because loving us has always been His.

     That’s what I see today. What about you?


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