The 5:19 Photo Project; May 19, 2012


[Edit: please read this new/different perspective afterwards; much has changed.]

I love Matt Wertz’s music. My dear friend Miranda introduced me and I’ve been hooked ever since. Last year around this time, I was obsessing over “5:19”, the song you heard (if you didn’t, listen to it right now!) above. I felt as if God was singing it over me one night, to say that I was being fickle but even though it hurt Him He wasn’t letting go. In response, I decided that on May 19 (that is, 5/19), starting at 5:19 P.M., I would hold a sort of wedding ceremony/vow renewal for me and Jesus. The idea excited me more and more as the day approached! I picked 2 songs to play; I wore a white dress I had from an old halloween costume; I read 1 Corinthians 13; I put a ring on my necklace; but most of all, I took pictures. It was not at all like I hoped it would be; I made it all about myself and my dress and the pictures, nearly forgetting why I was doing it in the first place. I felt deflated when I went to bed that day. However, I think God has redeemed my failed attempt and made it a symbolic and fun annual project for me! I see it differently now. I realized that I don’t need to hold a wedding for us– He’s planning it in Heaven as we speak, and it will be infinitely better than one I could plan! It will be real, not just symbolic! Right now, we are engaged, and I love that thought! As for 5/19, it has turned it into The 5:19 Photo Project, a sort of photo essay that displays purity, waiting for a husband, and staying faithful and close to Jesus. This year it took on a little more meaning as well, because instead of feeling God sing the song to me, I sang it to Him, promising that although I don’t feel Him here, I’m not letting go and I’ll be waiting for the time He chooses to let me feel Him again.

I loved doing it this year, and I think you would enjoy it, too! Would you like to join me next year? On 5/19 at 5:19, would you take symbolic purity pictures with me and anyone else who does it? Wherever you are, wouldn’t it be surreal to know that girls all over have the same standards as you, are committing to loving Jesus above all else, and are showing it at the same time? I would love for it to catch on and become a special day for you! There are no rules! Simply wear white, make purity the theme, and take at least nine photos. Why nine? So you can assign the lyrics of “5:19” to them and share them! You can take more, but the official presentation of the project should have about nine pictures. Other than that, get creative! You can use props, choose a pretty setting or backdrop (I used my backyard), have fun with your hair and clothes, take the pictures yourself OR invite a friend to do it with you and take them for each other (if you take them yourself, I’ve discovered that trees, porches, and chairs are great places to set the camera when you use the timer to take a slightly distant picture). When you’re done, you can edit them, pick your nine favorites, and share them. What do you say? I hope, if you do it or if you don’t, that you still commit to keeping a pure and committed heart. You don’t need to share the pictures or even do a project for yourself; you just need an earnest desire and love for Him in your heart, with enough passion to live it! Go live your love and His love for you, and people will still see that white dress INSIDE you!

Without further ado: My 5:19 Photo Project!

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Any thoughts?

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