The “Thy Will Be Done” Cup

     I love this project! I found it in “Even God Rested” by Kim Thomas (a great read; my review here) last summer and made it on a whim; now I use it often and it sits proudly on my desk! To make a “Thy Will Be Done” Cup:

  1. Find a cheap or no longer used mug or cup.
  2. Write Luke 22:42 on a slip of paper, and tape it to the cup: Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done. You can also use a decorative sticky note like I did.
  3. Cut small slips of paper and write one thing you surrender to God on each one– worries, habits, fears, thoughts, etc.
  4. Leave the cup out, along with more paper and a pen, so you can surrender daily.  Let it serve as a reminder that God is active and carries you!

     What is the purpose of it, you ask? It’s a tool to help you remember to surrender your will to God’s. It makes you more serious about giving something up if you write it down, believe it or not! When you write something down and put it in that cup, a little bit of the weight already feels lifted. I can’t tell you how many resolutions come back into my head and heart when I look at my old Hello Kitty cup! Just remember that the cup won’t surrender for you. You have to purposefully make efforts to let God have your burdens, to cast your cares on Him. He promises to do these things for you. Just listen to Him and say “Yes!”, and you will be amazed as you look through the papers after a few months how many things He has worked in!


Any thoughts?

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