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Worthy to Be Praised, Forever and a Day

This one is going to be short and sweet. I’ve thought about it a lot, and only one thing will make sense. What is so praiseworthy that it deserves to be my constant thought? What is so incredible to think about that it makes me praise? Even when I’m thinking about something else, what is always in the back of my mind? What dictates my attitude because of how much time I’ve dedicated to it? What is in the midst of every part of my day, even when I don’t realize it? What am I absolutely in love with more than anything else?

This “it” would be a “who”, a magnificent “who”. This person would be my closest friend; I would be comfortable sharing anything with them. They would fervently listen to me, and they would understand me. They would notice even the little things about me, like that I scratch behind my ear when I’m uncomfortable, or that I prefer pens with blue ink, or that I use Bing as opposed to Google simply because Bing has pretty photography. They would teach me new things every day, and they would be a wise and encouraging teacher. When I crumble, they would hold me in their arms and wipe away my tears. They would cry because I did. They would love me no matter what, and they would tell me so all the time. When I’m stubborn and selfish, they would be honest but gentle in softening my heart. They would care enough about me to not hold back, to do what they needed to help me even if I wouldn’t like it at first. They would love me and reach out to me even when I’m hostile and upset. They wouldn’t hold anything against me when I come to my senses and beg for forgiveness– they would choose to forget my mistakes! They would be holy, so much more beautiful and powerful than me, but they would trade it to be with me. Before I even knew them, they would be so in love with me that they would leave their own home to make their home with me, even if it meant torture, DEATH. But their love would be so strong that death wouldn’t be able to hold them down. They would come back! They would rise to life and seek me out, and never question if I was worth their perfect, flawless life! Oh yes, this person would be worthy of ALL my praise! But who?! Who would ever think of being this person to you and me?!

His name is Jesus. He’s God’s only begotten Son, but He became a man to save us. He did this for us. He is all this and so much more; He wants to be this person TO YOU AND ME. Can you fathom it? If someone you could see did all these things for you, wouldn’t you fall on your knees and fervently kiss their feet and weep because of it? Jesus is real, and He’s here. It may not seem like it sometimes, but it’s 100% true, I promise. When I write about Him, I’m not writing theology or philosophy; I’m writing about my friend, the love of my life. It’s not made up; it’s what I learn about Him, and what He reveals to me. Only He is worthy to be praised.


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