The Opening


Why do I have to live in world

Where people are treated like objects–

Where we only care about ourselves,

While the person beside us is living a wreck?


I complain about it, but I have no right

Because I do the same thing all the time.

You give me so many ways to love,

But I’m never willing to give what’s “mine.”


Maybe if I knew what You do,

I wouldn’t be so afraid.

I want to trust You with my life,

But I need to know that You’ll come to my aid.


I don’t know how to love like You;

I’ve been stone-cold for so long.

Will You soften my heart and teach me to say “yes”?

Remind me that You’re never wrong?


I’ll follow You even when it hurts,

Because together is what I want us to be.

You’re a God of action who acts in love,

And You’re changing the world, starting with me.


Any thoughts?

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