Thanksgiving Projects

30 Things I’m Thankful for in My God

  1. That He found me worth dying for.
  2. That His love doesn’t depend on what I do.
  3. His gentleness toward me.
  4. His lead, that He is involved in my life.
  5. That he fills all my holes inside.
  6. That He changes me yet keeps me Tessa.
  7. His generosity in all things.
  8. His sovereignty, that He is powerful, holy, and good.
  9. His never-ending presence.
  10. That He is artistic and a music maker.
  11. His wisdom, that He knows what’s best for me.
  12. That He teaches me to be like Him.
  13. His ability to love everyone, and with a unique, personal love.
  14. That He gave me a heart that He lives in.
  15. That He gives me opportunities every day.
  16. His faithfulness and honesty, that He can’t lie.
  17. That He speaks to me and reaches out to me if I’m receptive or not.
  18. His comforting embrace, where I’m safe.
  19. That He fights for me.
  20. His humility.
  21. That He chooses to forget my wrongs.
  22. That He promises so much, and always delivers.
  23. His ears, that He listens to my heart.
  24. His eyes, that He sees through love, what I don’t see.
  25. His compassion.
  26. His resilience.
  27. His passion for what He loves.
  28. That He inspires me in everything.
  29. His strength, and that He uses it to hold me up.
  30. That He’s with me in what I do.




2 thoughts on “30 Things I’m Thankful for in My God

  1. So beautiful. Thanks for writing this. :) On Thanksgiving, I was looking over the last months of lists of things I’m thankful for (my 100 days of gratefulness that I told you about), and I could see in everything the pattern of His mercy, His love, the riches of His grace. The pages may be filled with gratefulness for the “things” and people and all the loveliness He’s given me in the world, but in the end, all my lists are really about Him and what He has done for me. This list of 30 things you composed is just a reminder added on to all that my heart has been feeling. Jesus is Lord and King, and I am His Beloved! I love the first one: “He found me worth dying for”.
    I love you, I miss you, I hope you’ll be at Bible Study this time!

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