Embraces for Your Spirit

Life is in Season

     I love every season. I love the freedom and life in summer. I love the colors and overall mood of autumn. I love the snow and holidays and treats and cuddling of winter. I love the growth and anticipation of spring. Every season is so special! I think about the seasons especially during autumn, where they all kind of epitomize in this transition. Everything from spring and summer is slowly dying away, and we’re  seeing the beginnings of winter. Autumn is possibly my favorite.

     Have you ever made the connection of the world’s seasons to our lives’ seasons? You know me and analogies; I’m starting to find them everywhere. Take a look at the seasons of life through this lens:

Summer, at times, is extremely hot, yet during other seasons we long for it because of what we get to do in it, how we feel in it. It’s a time to be more care-free. Not much happens in nature aside from heat and fires. Does this sound like a season that occurs in you? Does the heat make you feel alive? You complain about it, but you still crave it? What are you craving that might not be too good for you, that has no growth and even prevents it?

Soon, we enter into autumn. Responsibilities resume, it gets colder and darker, and things begin to die away. Still, aren’t the trees and plants in the prime of their beauty in death? And think of the new things autumn brings– totally different from summer activities, but still offering smiles. So, what happened to your summer to change it into autumn? Nothing, really; it’s God’s natural plan, the change that needed to take place. Like the Sanctus Real song says, It’s the way the world turns. Are you focused on the gloom instead of the opportunities? And, my favorite, what is dying in this season for you? Are you upset about it, or do you see how absolutely BEAUTIFUL it is? The beauty is in the death, or maybe in your case, the surrender.

Now we enter into winter, the coldest and darkest of all seasons. Most every sign of life is gone. We saw this coming, but the cold is still bitter to our skin; we cover up to be safe. We are reminded of Jesus in this season, but it’s still frozen outside. We spend winter dreaming of spring. Just imagine if we didn’t know about spring! Wouldn’t winter be almost intolerable?! But spring IS coming. You can’t change that! Meanwhile, we can still enjoy the little pleasures winter has to offer. Do you feel like it’s winter inside you? That your life is gone? That you have to hide to survive? Jesus is reaching out to you in this season. He knows it’s chilling to the bone, but He wants to tell you that spring is on the way! Just bundle up and wait! You might not see spring right now, but it’s real, and it’s almost here. As you wait, He’s giving you things to enjoy and hold on to still. Will you thank Him for those things and the season to come?

Finally, when spring comes, we begin to remember what sunshine and warmth and longer days feel like. Sure, there’s still rain, but the growth is so visible and beautiful that it’s not gloomy anymore! We spend spring in growth and hope. Eventually, summer comes again, but I believe the best seasons, the most beautiful, are the seasons of transition. Do you have hope for spring? Do you anticipate the warmth and life again? It’s coming! The seasons come and go, but one thing that doesn’t change is God’s presence and work in each of them. Will you let Him in on this fantastic journey? Your life, your beautiful and wondrous life, full of opportunities every day, is always in season.


Any thoughts?

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