Ocean Stories

Your sins are forgotten; they’re on the bottom of the ocean floor…

     I was so excited  to get back to the ocean– it had been over 2 months since Rachel saw the image of an ocean when she prayed for me, and I’d only visited once since then! This visit was long-awaited, and turned out a little differently than I expected it to. I didn’t go directly down to the beach, but I slept on the pull-out couch in the ocean-front hotel room, where I watched the sun set and rise, and fell asleep to the “applause” of the waves. I still saw a few analogies, too. Once again, I think the ocean is supposed to represent Jesus here:

  • The high tide brought TONS of kelp to the surface. It had always been on the bottom, but the ocean exposed it, and now a whale or sea-lion or other sea creature will come to eat it, completely removing it.
  • The water is constantly crashing against the rock on the shore, slowly wearing it down so that the ocean can be bigger. This is a VERY slow process, but it does work in the least destructive way possible.
  • Something frightened the dozens of birds on the rock; I think it was a big wave. They flew away, but soon returned. This happened a second time, but this time a new flock of birds came and occupied the rock before the others could.
  • There was a long wall of rock far off shore, preventing the water from completely reaching the shore. BUT, the water was crashing into and wearing THAT down, too! And isn’t it beautiful when the ocean splashes against the rocks?!

     One more thing I would like to share that I’m realizing: these analogies can come from anywhere! I do think that God has something special for me at the ocean, but I also see that He’s speaking to me like this all the time. I simply listen better when I’m away from life, basking in Him at the ocean. What would things be like if I listened so well all the time? If I shut out the noise, inside and out, and just listened? I’m going to try, and am praying for open eyes and ears! 

Something to ask yourself: Where do you hear, see, and feel God the easiest? Why do you think that is? Can you apply that to more areas of your life? 

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