In the Purest Form


Purity is huge to me; I think it is to all of us who used to feel dirty all the time. How do we gain purity? I just giggled to myself at the answer: with Jesus in us, we have it! We can be pure when we ask Jesus to act and shine through us! The fear of the Lord is pure, enduring forever. We can’t be pure by ourselves. As humans with sinful natures, we aren’t capable of purity. That’s why Jesus died and sent His Spirit to be with us. He wanted this for us, because deep inside, no matter who you are, you want it. You want to be pure. We fail, but He never stops picking us back up. It’s indescribable! Don’t be discouraged when you fail. Everyone does, and Jesus doesn’t love you any less for it. You will never be able to do and think with purity constantly, but know that you aren’t dirty anymore. With Jesus in you, you have purity in you. When impure thoughts visit, ask Jesus to take over. Ask Him what you should do to bring out His purity. Overall, just be constantly in communication with Him. When you’re full of Jesus, you lose room for other things.

You’ve probably found verses in the Bible that say God “examines” you. Do you know what that means? I didn’t until recently, but what I learned was an exciting discovery! The Hebrew word used there doesn’t simply mean “look at”; it means “purge of impurities”. When God sees you, He doesn’t see what you see– He sees what you look like in your most pure form. Can you imagine?! God sees the truth, and He makes the truth beautiful. Just last night I had a conversation with my sister in the car. She was telling me that she felt like she was growing up in God, that she was becoming different. I told her that God has been doing a similar thing in me, and shared one of the most exciting parts: He changed me, but He kept me Tessa. He loves me as I am, He thinks I’m wonderful, He just washed me and clothed me with Himself. I am still the girl He’s always loved, I’m just able to be closer to Him, to reach my potential!

I know it’s hard to see yourself as pure or beautiful. That’s been my struggle lately, actually. The advice I’ve been given: you just have to keep believing. Doubts are normal, and sometimes even good when they get you to ask the right questions, but it’s like what a man once said to Jesus: I do believe– help me in my unbelief! I don’t even have to explain that, because I know you’ve been there! A few nights ago I told Jesus, “I believe you love me. Even if I don’t feel it or see why you do, I believe you love me. It’s hard, but I have to believe it. Your love is what keeps me alive, what GAVE me life! I love you with all my heart. I promise. And I’m not giving up.” It wasn’t easy to honestly say that, but I was able to. He brought me this far already! (You MUST be special– no one sees my prayer journal!) Keep believing. He shows you and me His love all the time, we just have to ask Him to help us see it. A project I’ve recently taken on, just for myself, I call “God Says of Me.” Whenever I read something in the Bible that God says His people are, I write it down in first person. So far I have “I am forgiven. I am loved. I am heard. I am rescued. I am to die for. I am remembered. I am righteous. I am delightful. I am never alone. I am clean. I am protected. I am able. I am a light. I am immovable. I am shameless. I am found. I am blessed. I am chosen. I am provided for. I am pure.” That’s only the beginning. (Ironic that “forgiven” and “loved” were the first two I found, right?! God is too cool!) I kind of got the idea from the song “I Am New” by Jason Gray. I want to close with a verse from the song, and this promise: YOU ARE PURE!

Forgiven/ Beloved/ Hidden in Christ/ Made in the image of the Giver of life/ Righteous and holy/ Reborn and remade/ Accepted and worthy, this is our new name/ This is who we are now/

Related Scripture: Psalm 19:9, Job 11:4-6, 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12


Any thoughts?

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