“You Can Always Choose to Do What’s Right.”


     It’s kind of hard to know what the right thing is, isn’t it? It should be obvious, but for some reason we often go on quests to find it. Why? Maybe we do know what’s right, but we’re afraid of it. A question I ask myself all the time is how to love a certain person. Sometimes we’re close friends, sometimes we’re our worst antagonists, and one of the biggest burdens I carry is how to love that person. I ask God all the time to fill me with ideas and wisdom in loving them, but what if He’s already given it to me? What if I’m just too afraid to actually do what God tells me I can do? What if I could change my entire relationship with them just by being courageous and saying “yes”? 1 Timothy 5:25 says, Good deeds are obvious, and even those that are not cannot be hidden. Let’s say “yes” to what’s right, despite our flesh wanting to hold on to what we think we need. I’ve been there countless times: almost seriously HEARING God tell you what you can do right, but not being sure if you want to lose what you’re doing wrong. Man, have I been there! Regret ALWAYS comes if you say “no”, I promise you! Will I say yes next time? Will you? Will we say yes to thinking what’s right? Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying,”This is the way; walk in it.” (Isaiah 30:21)

     Since I wrote the above, I’ve been praying for “love ideas”, that God would beat my heart when one of His suggestions popped into my head. I pray especially for love ideas for that person I mentioned, and guess what: God is giving me a genuine love for them! It’s incredible! He told me right after I committed by life to Him that I needed to minister to them, but somehow I said no; I just kind of forgot about it, or maybe I was afraid and TRIED to forget about it. Either way, I didn’t do what He asked me to. Recently He began reminding of what He’d asked of me, and after much hesitation, I said,”Okay. I’ll try, but only if You’re in it with me.” He was totally fine with it; He actually loved that I knew I needed Him. I don’t even know what happened next, but there is such a difference in how I treat this person! I genuinely try to understand what they tell me, I’m more gentle in how I speak to them, I’m more willing to do what they want than sticking to what I’d rather do, I think of them with affection, and this is just the beginning! God has shown me that I can do what He asks me to do, especially because He’s in it with me. If you’re struggling with something, ask God to be your partner in change! He knows what you need in order to grow! I also recommend sharing the areas you struggle in with a select few of your close, godly friends. Their prayers are not only comforting, but powerful. You can accomplish anything, but not alone. We need God and our brothers and sisters to be in it with us!

     And yes, the title is a Spiderman quote. Oh yes I did!


Any thoughts?

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